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Minerva Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 8" to 9" - Hand Carved Crystal w/ Wood Base, Dimmer Switch and Bulb (5-10 lbs)

  • Overview

    Benefits of Using Minerva Himalayan Salt Lamp

    -Environment-friendly light source. Carved from natural Himalayan salt crystals.
    -Works like an air purifier. Cleaning air dust through the heat emanated by the lamp, improve breathing difficulties, cough and other symptoms, relieve allergens.
    -Increase Energy Levels. Balance the body, boost immune system, and give back lost energy.
    -Therapeutic glow of orange hues. Give off a calming natural glow, reducing pressure and anxiety.
    -Beautiful and unique gift. The salt lamp will be perfect for office, bedroom,living room and spa setting as a practical and lovely decoration gift.


    Minerva Himalayan Salt Lamp:
    -Handcrafted from natural Himalayan salt crystals and mined by local artisans.
    -Natural rock shape on a wooden base.
    -6ft electric cord.
    -Dimmer switch.
    -2x15w light bulbs included.
    -Lamp and cord assembly are UL approved.
    -Four size: 6-7 inches(5-7 lbs), 7-8 inches(7-8 lbs), 8-9 inches(8-9 lbs),9-10 inches(9-10 lbs)

  • Features

    • 4 Valuable Size: 6-7 inches (5-6.8 lbs), 7-8 inches (6.8-7.9 lbs), 8-9 inches (7.9-8.8 lbs), and 9-10 inches (8.8-9.9 lbs). Each includes dimmer control, 6ft power cord, stable wooden base and 2 light bulbs (15-watt bulb).
    • Hand Crafted From Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals. Lamps are crafted with machines by experienced artisans. Every Himalayan salt rocks are unique. It can be used as different home decoration.
    • Amazing Function: Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps acts as an air purifier by emitting a stream of negative ions into the air thatbinds to positively charged dust particles, bringing it to the ground and leaving the air fresh. It can alleviate stress, increaseenergy reserves and reduce allergens.
    • Special Gift: Salt lamp can be used to create a romantic space and healthier living atmosphere, it is a great choice to send salt lamp as a gift for Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary and Christmas.
    • Warranty: Feel free if the debris fall off the surface of the crystal as Hand-crafted naturally. Each Salt lamp comes with a UL/CE certified cable.